It Starts As a Call.

An idea or an image strikes a spark in your heart that sends a charge throughout your nervous system. Where is this someplace special calling you to encounter what is sacred there - to activate what is sacred inside you? What spirits await? How will the energy of the land affect you? What sacred presence will you encounter as you embrace the history of that place? What healing will you receive? What dormant parts of yourself will awaken?

My Last Pilgrimage.

My pilgrimage to Bolivia and Peru began casually, with an offhand comment to a friend.

“I’m thinking of following the Inca trail from Lake Titicaca to Cusco…”

Her response was immediate. “I want to go!”

When another of our friends responded the same way, we agreed to go together, and the journey began.

The Healing that Followed.

The spirits told me that my heart was pure and I was filled with light, but somehow I was disconnected from my power. Someone over the years had sent me daño, which is harmful energy. They recommended that I seek out a shaman to visit energetically every place I had lived to find and clear the source of negativity and reconnect me to my power.

I started to follow their recommendation, looking for someone to do this work for me, but quickly a different message came through:

“You’ve been on the shamanic path yourself for over 20 years.

Heal yourself.”

And that is what happened. I felt the disconnect in the energy channels along my spine, right behind my heart. Somehow, as I acknowledged the break and determined to heal, my power re-connected. It manifested in my life as dissolving of fears and insecurities that had plagued me and opportunities to be of spiritual service in new ways for more people. The two years since that pilgrimage have been marked by consistent, graceful growth and expansion of consciousness. I have more peace and joy and am free of triggers of past trauma.

The Process.

As soon as you decide to undertake a pilgrimage, you feel shifts in awareness and issues snap into focus. Each choice is an exercise in awareness that brings you closer to your physical goal and closer to the parts of your soul that will learn and grow in the process.

When will you go

Where will you go,

Why will you go - your intention

How will you go: alone or with companions

You become aware of the Multiverse watching. You may perform rituals to address the issues that are on your heart. No matter what happens, no matter what you feel or don’t feel, your engagement with the experiences you have is deeper and richer. You may find moments of ecstasy on the trip. There will be times of intense discomfort as your old paradigm crumbles. You will find, when you return home, that you are forever changed but you may see the full impact only in retrospect.

Meeting Mama on Maui

This trip came about in a circuitous way, as often happens when Spirit is leading you into new territory. It seems to reduce the intensity of any freak-outs (I can’t do that! I don’t have…) Originally I planned to attend a ceremony on Oahu. Simultaneously, I encountered an author-spiritual sister currently living on Maui with whom I felt an intense alignment and who invited me to work on a project with her. Then came an even more potent call to retreat for inner and creative work on Maui, on the shoulders of Haleakala. The spirit of the island reached out, inviting me to experience Her as another aspect of our beloved Terra, to offer service to the island, and to write. I couldn’t NOT go!

The First Stop

This pilgrimage will begin with revisiting special places in Northern California, where I lived for many years. Mount Diablo was my first powerful mountain ally. Mount Tam is Mount Diablo’s feminine counterpart. Many places in the Bay Area and on the coast have contributed profoundly to the evolution of my consciousness. Visiting them again will help me integrate all of who I am.

Across the Water.

I do not take lightly the flight across the many miles of Pacific Ocean required to reach the Hawaiian Islands. Water is a miraculous element, the only one that can shape-shift from fluid to gas to solid to plasma. Water is the birthplace of life that can deliver DNA where there was none and that physically responds to the energy of human emotion. A large percentage of my work has been to heal and honor water that then carries my love everywhere it goes. Crossing the vast Pacific to spend time on the second largest island in the Hawaiian chain, the remnants of the lost continent of Lemuria (or Mu) feels an extraordinary adventure. To connect with the Huna tradition of Hawaii that gave us the practice of ho’oponopono is an honor and privilege.

Image by Joseph Mohr on Pixabay.

On Maui.

I will be staying in an Airbnb at about 4,000 feet elevation on Haleakala, a living but not erupting volcano. My host advised that he will be gone most of the time. (Ahhhh. Solitude. Quiet.) A bus stop a 20-minute walk from the house. (Oh, darn, strolling the Hawaiian landscape.) My author-spirit sister a 15-minute drive away. (Ceremony. Collaboration.) I will be on my own. (Except for the spirits, nature, thoughts, intentions.) I will of course explore some of the wonders of the island to experience their beauty and teaching. I will especially be listening for the voice of Pachamama, offering her my love and service. With inspiration all around, I am excited to be completing Book 4 of The Shaman Chronicles and initiating other writing projects. 

What’s in It for YOU!

If you come along, you get to experience a virtual pilgrimage without leaving your home or your life. I will share video reflections and revelations as well as photos of the natural wonders I encounter. You can experience my discomforts indirectly while applying the lessons for yourself within your comfort zone. You can feel the energies of my inspiration and excitement. I will be suggesting ways you can bring it all close to home so that you can get a close-up-and-personal feel for the power of a pilgrimage. Expect to expand yourself as you observe my expansion.

What to Expect

This is your personal Spiritual "Reality TV" Channel. Sharing will spontaneous. While it’s important to share the process, it’s more important to be IN the process. That means flow, not schedules. That said, I will consistently share snippets of what the land and spirits say to me, including photos, and occasional longer discussions of what that means in life. You can access the material any time. Some short pieces; some longer pieces. I’ll offer suggestions as to how to apply these things to your life and invite you to share in exercises to stimulate your own growth and thinking.

How Pilgrimage Helps

We are all on this planet participating in an evolution of consciousness, an evolution of Earth Herself and of everything on Her. Now is not the time to play small. With survival of All That Is as we know it undergoing massive changes, we - you and I - have nothing to lose by playing as big as we can. A pilgrimage fuels your energy while it erases confining structures of thought born of old beliefs - which are generally distortions of truth designed to keep you enslaved. Outside the familiar, you can see truth more clearly. As you evolve, you experience true freedom and the joy of realizing your connectedness to the very Source of Love and all that Source has created.

Ride the Wind or Cower in the Storm

Change is happening. Massive changes like those happening now challenge your perception of reality and of who you are in the unfolding reality. You either ride the waves or land on your butt while the storm blows around you. You can pretend nothing is happening or you can join a tribe of like-minded souls to give and receive support on the path.

You already have everything you need, right inside you. A pilgrimage is an adventure that can help you find parts of yourself ready to manifest in the world. Come. Journey with me by joining me as I journey to Maui to meet another aspect of our beloved Pachamama. It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself.

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